A year of reflection

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Can Cubs China has recently celebrated it's 1st birthday, so I thought it would be fitting to reflect a little on the past year of excitement, happiness and terror...yes, terror...

let me analyse the positives firstly. In the year of operation we have seen positive growth as a business, new members (and retaining most on their renewal), new resources (in the form equipment, sessions, and internet based). Financially speaking, a profit is being made. Considering the quietness of Anting New Town and the operating expenses, this in itself is an achievement. The majority of our members understand what we do and appreciate our style. However it is unfortunate that there are some around the town that don't really 'get' it. A mixture of upbringing and open mindedness perhaps...?

Our members are always eager to come to Can Cubs and most are very active in our classes. For new members, the first couple of trips are always a little daunting, as you'd expect for that age. After that however, they become bursts of exuberant energy! As time goes by the satisfaction of seeing them grow and develop (and indeed myself at the same time) is hugely rewarding, spiritually and mentally! I have myself learnt many new applications and concepts relating to the business which can only further my own personal development.

Along the way there has certainly been some downsides to this. Perhaps the most fracturing one on me mentally, is a difference of opinion in the running of the business. This includes some day to day ideas and long term plans for the business. To succeed, a common goal is needed and with the utmost teamwork. From time to time, personal relationships have been strained to almost shattering point, but with these mistakes from either side, lessons must be learnt and not repeated. My time invested into Can Cubs is huge, and it has become almost my life. Now I'm not grumbling, but it really can be life-force sucker sometimes! I know to push through though, look at it rationally and renew my spirit, eyeing the short and long term goals. Staff retention is another frustration and I'm pretty sure every business has this headache. Does it seem like these young people of today are all drifters who have little commitment to anything, is it a generational thing, cultural thing, who knows..? I know that in the future we will get that 'dream team'!

In conclusion, like anything in life there are pros and cons, but I firmly believe in our mission. We will continue to grow and adapt. Every month Can Cubs is growing in more ways than one and we are driving it forward at 100 mph! We Can!

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