Is creativity unlimited?

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I was looking back recently at all the lessons I’ve made from pre-school all the way up to grade 8, and I got a feeling of being rather satisfied with the quality of the lessons. Of course if I re-visited some of them I’d probably tweak a few, not going to say they were all perfect! Now, there’s well over a hundred lessons compiled on my mac alone, the majority of which came from my mind - ‘created’, rather than from a book or alike (unlike most teachers from state schools who are forced to teach from a dull text book).  The opinion of most of my students concur with me that the content from their school textbooks can’t really compete with my unique styled lessons that certainly ignite a spark in their minds.

I think that if the majority of teachers are able to have more freedom in constructing their own lessons, then I’m sure school children would have a more enriching experience at school.

If however textbooks and other guided material were to be taken away, would the creativity of the teachers increase or decrease? Is there a limit on how many lessons a teacher can create?

In my experience it actually becomes easier to come up with new topics to learn and targets for the students to accomplish. Which, if you think about it, it should do, you’re practicing to be creative regularly which surely will increase the power of the creative aspects of the brain. I initially thought that as time goes by I would run out of ideas (and this is a real worry for many teachers, that’s why lesson planning can take so long cause so much frustration), in fact the opposite is true, I’ve found that the ideas pop into my head much quicker than when I first started in this profession.

So to answer my question, yes, I do believe that creativity is unlimited, just look at the history of mankind, look at what’s going on now and think to the future. There are still many people who are creative geniuses all around us. Unfortunately, just not enough in the classrooms!

We are all meant to create, so let’s get on with it!

Take a look at this video. Do you agree?

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