Zombie Scrollers, Button Bashers & Selfie Worshipers

Handcuffed to a phone, locked to a phone, trapped to a phone

Making my way home from school yesterday, I was thinking about technology and knowledge. And as I was thinking about this, I took more notice to how many people I passed by that were absorbed into their smartphones. I was thinking if the majority were learning something, gaining some sort of knowledge, perhaps by reading something or watching something? For those particular people, I’ll never know, but what I have known from experience when I’ve glanced (accidentally and sometimes on purpose…) at people’s screens is that the vast majority fit into three categories.

The first are what i call the ‘Zombie scrollers’ - these are people who are constantly refreshing their wechat moments or similar social network wall and scrolling (being nosey) at other peoples joys and predicaments in life. They seem to think that if they miss a ‘moment’ the Earth will crumble beneath their feet. Their eyes usually gleam with joy at a new moment appearing on their wall. It’s usually the first thing that greets them in the morning and the last thing that sees them off to sleep.

The second are the ‘button bashers’. These are people who are more often than not, playing an adventure game of a sort. And the quicker they bash their screen, or even shake their phone, the more ‘gold’ they get from slain monsters or equivalent. These people are usually totally oblivious to the world around them (since most are wearing headphones) and are at most risk of falling down a manhole… or eaten by a lion…

The third ones are the ‘Selfie worshippers’. They are constantly taking photos of themselves. Perhaps they have a form of early dementia and they are constantly forgetting what they look like? Or it could be they are interlinked with category one, feeding the ‘zombie scrollers’ their moments… or it could be they are just self-absorbed?! Who knows.

That’s it. Three categories of smartphone users. The vast majority anyway (as I’ve personally seen). So is there much knowledge being acquired through their fancy expensive toys (phones). If their ‘knowledge’ is knowing who ate ‘chicken feet’ for supper, then yes. Otherwise is a big fat no.

When it comes to advanced technology, most people have it in their pockets. And they actually forget how advanced their smartphone really is, and what more they could do with it. After all they are all connected to the internet, a hive of knowledge and enlightenment.

So how about if you fit into any of these categories, you get out of that mind-draining habit and use your smartphone to enlighten your self, and broaden your skill set. Don’t get trapped into any of these suckers of time. Your smartphone is ‘smart’, so make yourself smart too!

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    TT (Friday, 20 October 2017 08:58)

    Totally agreed