Channelling Can Cubs


I’ve recently been taking steps to bring Can Cubs to a global audience, most notably through the Can Cubs youtube channel


The equivalent for Chinese audiences is of course youku.


Youku does pretty much everything like youtube, minus a few features (most likely because of government intervention). It’s good for those within China, but terrible to reach those outside it. This is where youtube comes in. 


As everyone knows youtube is one of the biggest websites in the world with a ginormous amount of active users. Just about every modern business now uses youtube to enhance their brand in some way. The key is finding something that fits their brand concept and will provide views and traffic to the channel and website. But even if you get a great idea, superb content and looks well presented, it doesn’t guarantee views/traffic. 


This is a question many users ask - How to get more views/traffic? There doesn’t really seem to be a simple answer, after some research myself it seems the common themes are appropriate keywords/tags, accurate descriptions and the rest it seems is youtube’s/googles algorithm at work. So essentially - luck. Every business needs an element of luck to be successful, but especially so it seems on youtube. 


Recently I’ve been adding ‘storytime’ videos, which is essentially me reading a classic story with some music/sound effects to the book. It’s good, but not something that is going to go viral in any way.  The plan is to have a number of different genres operating online that will enhance the brand of Can Cubs and perhaps earn a little extra profit. I have a vision for where I’m taking this, and hopefully it will become a reality sooner rather than later. That’s not to say I’m closed to suggestions, so by all means if you have something to share, write it below! I leave a parting quote -

‘Old ways won’t open new doors’.



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