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Recently I came across some news on a research study carried out regarding the effectiveness of pre-school education. The headline - ’High-quality early-childhood programs boost graduation rates, reduce grade retention and cut down on special education placements’.


Now, a lot of people are aware of the benefits of pre-school education and they make every effort to send their child to a place that will fulfil their expectations (such as Can Cubs!) But unfortunately, there are also many other parents who are skeptical about them. Especially here in China. Many Chinese people still don’t equate play/fun with learning (a fault perhaps due to the way their language is structured in this aspect). The outcome from this research however, and indeed from many others will in time help persuade those skeptical of early childhood programmes that the benefits they provide really are something to invest in.


A quote from one of the assistant professors from this research paper:

"These results suggest that the benefits of early-childhood education programmes do in fact persist beyond the preschool year. Given how costly retention, special education, and dropout can be for both individuals and societies, our results suggest that investments in high-quality early-childhood education programming are likely to pay off in the long term,” Dana Charles McCoy, an assistant professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education,


The new paper combines the results of 22 research papers on early-childhood programmes that were conducted from 1960 to 2016. The researchers included only papers that met a strict research design—for example, the comparison groups of children were similar at the outset, the studies didn't have a large percentage of children dropping out, and there was enough data to calculate the effects of the early-childhood program on each of three areas researchers were looking at. As you can imagine, there have been many studies in this field, another one which I found interesting was this one. This is highlighting the cognitive benefits of being bilingual, so take a look also.


Can Cubs and other preschool programmes have been aware of the fantastic benefits from the beginning. After all, we wouldn’t get into this business if we thought it didn’t provide benefits to young children! So if there are any parents who are reading this and have a young child, and happen to be living near Can Cubs, then come on down and sign up! There will be no regrets.


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