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Stories. We all know what a story is, and we’ve all got happy memories of them being read to us as a child (and perhaps even as an adult!) What was your favourite story? Comments below! Mine has to be ’Twas the night before Christmas’. An amazing book for Christmas time, so pick up a copy for your child if you haven’t already. 


What most of us probably don’t consider is the work that goes into putting a story together, as I’ve found out recently! I’ve been slogging away at three stories featuring Can Can bear. The amount of components needed in putting together a story to be made available online and offline is quite surprising. From finding the perfect illustrator, to compiling the files and artwork on the computer.


So in regards to my progress, the story plan wasn’t such a challenge because I was able to get the plot ideas from sessions I’ve made previously and use those for inspiration.  So the writing itself was done relatively quickly. The illustrations on the other hand… well they seemed to be done at leisure. I’m someone who wants stuff done quickly, and really don’t like waiting around. But it seems a lot of ‘artists’ don’t quite share the same concept of ‘time’ as I do. Although I can’t complain on the quality, they look fantastic, but they were done over many weeks (still ongoing actually). But I suppose, as the saying goes, ‘good things come to those who wait’.


Once I had the illustrations I was able to import them into adobe AI software and put it all together. Something where my IT skill can come into play fortunately. Although, it is the most tedious component of it all, it’s time consuming and a little boring adjusting all the relevant settings etc. When everything has been applied and converted into the relevant file formats, it’s done! A new shiny book is born. But what now?



At present two books are done. One more to go. After the three books are compiled the next process begins of uploading them to various sites (such as amazon) and getting them sent off to be printed so that they can be shelved at the centre. I’m sure that part two will merit some writing about, so be sure to tune in to part 2 - marketing and selling books.


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