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House decorated for Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us all once again, and homes and businesses alike are in the midst of decorating their environments in a magical and festive way. A festive time for all (although putting up those decorations can cause a fair amount of stress, shopping too!), but especially for children. I’m sure that some of your fondest memories as a child was around Christmas time? Although, if you ask the average Chinese person they definitely wouldn’t have that festive memory. Not sure about you, but when I hear this I have pity for them…


Christmas in China is still a relatively new ‘import’, and most children here still don’t get to experience the full Christmas package that we westerners grew up with to love and adore. Children in first tier cities, such as here in Shanghai can get to experience it, but in the other cities and towns you won’t see much going on unfortunately. It’s just another regular month for them, which is slightly weird to see if you’re a westerner. 


Indeed, if you ask people above the ages of 50, they really have no concept of it. Times are slowly changing however, especially here in Shanghai, every year we see more and more events going on and people getting involved, either by decorating their homes or attending Christmas Fairs and the alike. Many schools are beginning to embrace it also, and some will even go as far as putting up Christmas trees around their schools! Great!


Christmas really can be a time for anybody and everybody, regardless of if you are a Christian or not. No other festival/holiday can come close to it in terms of bringing happiness, inspiring creativity, creating warmth and bringing about an air of magic. Perhaps this is way it is so infectious. After all, Father Christmas knows no boundaries! 


Here at Can Cubs we’ll be embracing Christmas once again, and we’ll be putting up the biggest (and only) real Christmas tree in Anting New Town! So be sure to come and get your selfie next to it if you’re near by!



If you want to get involved at home with your children and need some ideas then take a look at this link. Have fun!

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