The hype, that is bitcoin...

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I’m sure that most of you reading this have heard of ‘bitcoin’…? If you don’t know about it, go read up on it quickly, then come back…


So as you may know it has been getting a huge amount of publicity recently in the news after surging in value. As I write this it is around 16,000 dollars for 1 bitcoin. Quite staggering really, nothing can compare to it’s surge in value. 


It’s being described as a ‘mania’ by some, and every man and his dog are buying them. And in my opinion, rightly so. I dipped my toes in the bitcoin malarky, and started buying some earlier this year, not a lot, enough that I can afford to lose anyway (just like any investment). Like many, the risk has paid off, although for me, it isn’t something to be traded like stocks, rather invested and kept for the future currency. The money of the internet. 


The stalwarts of the bitcoin industry are well aware of the potential impacts bitcoin has on the world finance sector, and they believe in on an impact for the better. Speaking as a small business owner, using bitcoins instead of traditional banking systems can save a ton of money on ‘bank fees’, ‘management fees’, ‘processing fees’ etc etc.  Not forgetting the trips to the bank and the mountains of paperwork they sling at you! Bitcoin bypasses all that, and makes money simple, secure and convenient for our internet age. 


People who choose to use bitcoin to buy with also agree on it’s benefits. Although, recently the volatility of it’s value is a little difficult to buy things, but this will smooth out in the long run many believe.


I’m guessing you know where this is leading me…? Yes that’s right, Can Cubs accepts bitcoins as a payment option for our sessions and products! So come on and bring your wallet full of bitcoins over! If you are still a little in the dark on bitcoin, take a look at the video below!


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