Adventures of Can Can Bear

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Good news! Adventures of Can Can Bear, has finally been finished and available to buy in our centre or from Amazon. 


In an earlier blog post I mentioned about the work it takes in putting a book together. However, the next steps of marketing them are equally work intensive! The process had taken me on an educational journey. The journey from sketching a storyboard (and editing and reediting until you’re content with it) to having the book stocked and ready for sale is really quite satisfying. What would double that satisfaction is of course when people buy the book and leave positive reviews! Nudge Nudge…


With today’s technology and resources, it’s never been easier to self-publish and get you ideas and teachings to different people around the world. Gone are the days when you have a few big publishing houses (made up of certain individuals, belonging to a certain tribe) dictating who to publish and who not to. I suppose we have to thank the internet once again for this freedom! 


I would recommend to people who have always wanted to write something, whether it be a picture book for children, a novel or something else, just jump into it and get it done! Even if you don’t sell many, it’ll still give you an element of satisfaction with having written a book. 


Of course, self-publishing doesn’t come ‘free’ per say (even though amazon says so)… You will still have to sacrifice a percentage from each sale you make.


As many others are going down the path of self-publishing, it’s becoming a little crowded with choice, and kinda difficult to stand out and shine. There really are many great books that have been self-published out there, better than many books published by the big publishing houses in fact.



Self-publishing though really does rely on word of mouth for those authors to succeed, and continue writing more. As I’m indeed one of those special authors, please purchase the books listed, review and share, and let all children enjoy picture book stories! Thank you! I look forward to reading your reviews :)

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