'Low storage space'

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Anybody who spends time on a computer designing presentations, books, videos or other media files etc, understands how precious storage space is. Recently I’ve been going through a frustrating time due to ‘low storage space’ messages popping up on my MacBook pro every few minutes thanks to editing the final copy of my book.  Who said pop ups were dead…?


You’d probably suggest I delete some files and get on with it, right? Well, I did that already and everything I have on here now, I need on here and not on an inconvenient external hard drive or on apple’s laggy ‘cloud’! 


The real drawback with apple products are their tiny hard drives compared to their rivals. Everything else though is great! Apple, why can’t you make bigger hard drives…?! 

So rant over, and tip of the day: if you buy an apple product, don’t shy away on getting one with a bigger hard drive! You’ll be glad later on!


As Christmas is around the corner you’re probably all winding down work, doing last minute Christmas shopping and chasing up those delivery orders that were supposed to arrive ages ago (such as myself)! 


The couriers are quite efficient here in China actually (although their driving is often questionable), and more often than not I get things that ordered in a timely fashion. I would say actually that the delivery network here is better than that of the UK, and cheaper too! So if you are a courier happening to be reading this post and you happen to have my parcel - 快点!



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