Bye bye 2017!

2018 is almost upon us, and for Can Cubs it’s been quite a year. We have seen strong growth in new members for our Little Cubs sessions (no wonder, as ‘there’s nothing quite like it’ as some parent recently said). We have seen the addition of our ‘Little Ninjas’ classes, which were thoroughly enjoyed in our summer camp, and we have published our very own stories featuring Can Can bear! Not to mention our regular storytime uploads to wechat, youku and youtube


The children have worked and played hard throughout the year, and we have seen their development in English go up and up and up! They have of course acquired many stickers in this process! We have seen the children’s engagement strengthen in our sessions, and consequently many are willing to communicate using the English learnt previously. Who would of known learning can be so much fun!? We have to give special mention to Leevi, who is in the Little Cubs session on Saturdays. He has always put 100% effort into the tasks and is ‘always on the ball’. It has been great to see him, and all the other member’s children develop with us. Well done!


Our community, Anting New Town, have also been busy and productive this year in events and activities. Our favourite one though, was of course, the German themed ‘beer festival’, which was held early September. That was also Anting’s favourite event, as it had great turnout of people. So good job to Vanke for organising that one! 


I've chosen 4 of my favourite photos from this past year, see what you think.
















This was a party we had, and everybody really had a good time! They learnt some cool dance moves!

Eve's birthday, which gave the excuse for our summer camp children to have a good party! They especially loved the Starbucks birthday cake!

Nemo insisted I give it a go... really!

From our Halloween session, some really great costumes!


The Can Cubs New Years Resolution is to offer more fun and educational sessions and to add more stories to our story collection! What’s yours? So, from everyone at Can Cubs, we wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year! Now, time to enjoy a good family game of scrabble!

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