Can Cubs workbooks for preschoolers

The red book, preschoolers book

Can Cubs is pleased to announce that within the next few weeks we will be releasing our ‘Student workbooks, for preschoolers’ to help review some of the Little Cubs session content at home (or where ever your little ones go).

There will be 5 workbooks released in total which will cover 50 topics (10 topics per workbook). They are beautifully illustrated and will provide the Little Cubs with simple activities and tasks as they read through with their parent. The workbook will develop reading, stimulate speaking, promote their imagination, improve thinking skills and provide enjoyment.

 With each workbook complete, you will see their English vocabulary grow and their desire to learn grow too. Not forgetting them wanting to discover new content in a new Little Cubs session!

The workbooks will equally aid kindergartens and home learning too, so it’s a workbook that can help all preschoolers out there! However, Can Cubs members will receive a discount on the books (members come first)!

I’m sure you remember the recent release of our Can Cubs stories, well, they also fit nicely into a review from some certain session topics too, so be sure to use storytelling as a way of developing your child’s English also.

Speaking of storytelling, the story books that aided my learning as a child, was the ‘Oxford reading tree collection’, so I highly recommend if you want to accelerate your child’s english reading ability start with these!

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