Investing in children

investing in children

As parents, we know that the rate of mental and physical development in a child’s first couple of years is phenomenal. Especially so if considerations  have been made regarding early childhood education.


Everyday is an adventure and a chance to learn something new for a little one - it truly is a fascinating world for them. So help them and allow them to explore as much as possible.


To help with development, you should aim to have their senses be as stimulated as possible.  If time is not always on your side, then there are plenty of places to help (such as Can Cubs!).


An interesting article I was reading recently by James J Hickman, who is an economist and Nobel prize winner, which goes in to detail about the benefits of early childhood education:


“High-quality early childhood development plays a crucial role in shaping the capabilities that lead to flourishing lives. Investments in early childhood for low-income children from birth to age 5 create opportunity without any trade-offs in equity; quality programs pay for themselves, even after accounting for the costs of investment.”


“The study, which has been replicated at multiple sites, showed that children who received quality early childhood education are more likely to have higher IQs, finish high school, attend college, hold steady employment as adults and more. Data from Abecedarian Project participants is still being collected after more than four decades.”


Heckman will explain how investing in early childhood education as early as infancy is a smart business move for parents and use economic models to show a high yield on dollars invested into quality early childhood programs. The return on investment can exceed 13 percent per year in the form of cost savings.”



So there you have it. You may think of it as ‘spending’ money if you take your child to an early education centre, but the reality is that money you spent will be recouped and much more in the future all thanks to their early start in life.  Remember, it is an investment, in more ways than one.

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