Dress your child fashionably well!

As a dad, clothing a toddler in a 'fashionable way' doesn't always come so natural to us (as mothers like to say).


It's something, just like anything, you can learn and pick up on. Dressing your child can be a shared responsibility, that way the child can get a chance to show off some different styles! That stereotype of dads not dressing children well doesn't really hold true to many of the modern dads of today.


Remember dads, mums are not the gurus when it comes to children's fashion! (Maybe just take a look at what she's wearing now, if she's wearing ripped jeans then please help her sort own fashion sense first)!


I think every dad would like their child to look their best, equally as much as the mother, so if you're a mother reading this, give dad a say on the fashion too, I'm sure your child will appreciate the extra attention!


I'm sure you agree that Prince William's children, George and Charlotte and dressed fashionable? After all, when ever they are snapped by the media, first question on most people's mind is 'where did they get those clothes from?'. There's no reason why yours can't be too! Take a look at one of their favourite clothes shops, Pepa & Co.


I've had a few people comment on Eve's clothes, and some were wondering where we bought them from. I know that it can be hard finding nice clothes for children, so I thought I'd let you guys know where you can go for some good choices! Take a look:

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