The importance of free-play.

Can Cubs is in Anting New Town, and I have to say it is spoilt for choice when it comes to parks and outdoor spaces for children. In fact there are 8 areas walking distance from Can Cubs where you can enjoy some nature and play with your children. Not many places can say that, (perhaps so smugly I might add). Especially not in China anyway!


Anting park

When I take my daughter to these areas of play and nature, they are visibly quite underused surprisingly.. Although it is nice to have peace and quiet from time to time, but it makes me wonder why there aren’t more people enjoying nature and playing with their children in these areas. 


I think I can correctly assume that your area’s parks and nature spots are underused too? It is certainly not just restricted to here.


I’m aware however, not all outdoor areas are equal. Some have better management, some contain better playgrounds, some inspire creativity and some are cleaner and safer. The weather of course can be a prevailing factor also.


The areas that have had thought and effort put into them still lack the laughter and happiness of children playing they deserve. 


I’m sure some parents know the benefits of free-play, and why taking your child somewhere to promote this is important, but perhaps not everybody?


This infographic sums it up quite nicely:


The benefits of free play

The decrease in free-play in today’s societies often equates to a few common problems, as this infographic nicely sums up too:


why children play less

So to encourage more free-play in our children, it is important to allow them to encounter those environments that promote it (such as Can Cubs). If the established environments aren’t near you, then you can always create it at home (see below). So there’s really excuse! Put the devices down and be creative and playful!

stuff for children to play with at home

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