Temper tantrums!

temper tantrums

Temper tantrums seems to grip just about every toddler from time to time. Some toddlers perhaps more often than others.


Temper tantrums can happen anywhere, and just about anything can be a potential trigger. 


As a preschool teacher and a parent to a toddler I’ve seen the temper tantrum happen over the most unusual and unexpected situations (sometimes humorous I might add). 


One example recently was in our Little Cubs session, about ‘Underwater’, and a game required all the children to hide and be fish and one child would be the shark and try and find them. One child had a ‘meltdown’ and refused to be a ‘fish’, stated quite clearly and articulately ‘I’m not a fish’. These situations do demand that you deal with it seriously, because the child who is having the tantrum won’t see anything funny about it (unfortunately)!



 The word ‘triggered’ does pop into mind when these temper tantrums go off. I’m aware that the ‘triggered’ is becoming associated with certain adults who are unable to control their emotions on certain topics (especially political). So we can see that it isn’t only restricted to toddlers! Anyway I digress, let’s get into details on this matter:


temper tantrums

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