How to raise a reader

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Don’t you love being told a good story? Of course you do and children equally so. Stories make children laugh out loud, hide under the covers, shout, clap and if like my daughter (1.5 yrs old) say ‘naa naa’ at everything in the pictures (I think it means ‘what is this in baby language!).


Young children don’t necessary need to be able to understand every word on the page, they are pretty good at getting the gist of the plot from looking at the illustrations. The sound of your voice, the warmth and closeness of your body and the wonderful pictures in the story is quite sufficient in promoting enjoyment of reading to your child. 


In time, they will learn and understand all the words in the story (providing you tell them as you go through it) and will be wanting to read book after book after book. 


Books in many countries can be quite costly, especially if you’re little one is demanding their own mini-library… Fortunately being in China, buying books is extremely cheap. I suppose it helps that most books are printed here. It is actually so cheap to buy them, that it isn’t really necessary in signing up to a library. So if you’re in China, then why not make a little library for your child at home!


If your child is surrounded by books, and is enjoyed and stimulated by them, they will continue the habit of reading well into the future.



Here are the tips of raising an avid reader:


how to raise a reader

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