How is Can Cubs rated?

It can be difficult in making general conversation with customers at times, partly because they are accompanied by children (so they have to be kept an eye on at all times) and partly due to the language barrier that exists. The other reason is unfortunately I’m just too busy to indulge in chit-chat! And, if I could, I would, because I know that our members are open-minded and great people!


In order to know what our customers true feelings really are about Can Cubs, we decided to give them an anonymous survey for them to fill out after they had one of their sessions. It consisted of 10 questions (the last question was an open question). After filling it in, they popped it in the box. 


The results were pleasing, and assured us that Can Cubs is on the right path. That’s not to say we’re perfect! We will be investing back into the centre, and adding new equipment and resources in the coming weeks. We’ll also be sprucing up the environment. On top of that, we’ll be adding our workbooks and stories to be made available also very shortly. 



I’ve added the results of this survey below. So I’ll take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all our members! Have a great day.

Can Cubs survey

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