Where should my child go to learn?

Learning for children


When it comes to sending your child somewhere to learn, it’s worth looking at both online and offline courses. It’s then also worth looking at what the differences are between them.


There is a great variety of places when it comes to choosing a place for your child to learn. To the ‘uninitiated’  it can be quite overwhelming. 


Depending on where you live, you may have a great variety of places that claim to offer your child the best environment to develop. It’s your job then, with your child’s interests at heart, to sort the bad from the good!


The choice between offline and online learning, shouldn’t be either/or, rather combining them to help your child get the full experience of both offline learning and online learning.


Now I know, before you say ‘but Can Cubs doesn’t offer online lessons’. At this point in time, you’d be right, however we have began production of our online sessions! it will take some time to finalise, but you’re the first to know that we are doing so. How exciting! In the meantime, you can still enjoy learning with us at our centre!



I’ve put together an infographic on some of the differences you may encounter between offline and online learning for your child, take a look!


Offline vs Online learning

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