July - it's a wrap!

it's a wrap

The July Summer Camp has recently been concluded, and we are now well into the August Summer Camp. We’re happy to see some familiar faces from the previous month and equally happy to see some new ones!


We’re very pleased to hear that the children look forward to coming each day during these hot summer days, and are always eager to get stuck in to the morning’s activities! They certainly bring the sunshine with them into Can Cubs!


As you may already know, the Can Cubs summer camp is action packed with activities that promote learning, development and lots of laughter! It’s great to see the children grow and develop as the camp goes by. Towards the end of the camp we have a small army of budding fencers, keen archers, flexible ninjas, creative geniuses, explores, drama queens and shakespeares! 


It would be a bit of a dull summer if the children were learning things, but I weren’t… So I did in fact try to acquire some new skills...


For the drama play, we based it on the colourful story ‘Down by the Pool of the Cool’. The children did a great job (although it was a pity some of the children were not there because of going on holiday) and so I thought I’d try to make it more lively by shooting them on the green screen. This was a new experience for me, especially the editing part in ‘Final Cut Pro X’. I think my camera skills were ok, but the editing part is perhaps a little rusty - you can see why this somebody’s job usually!


 Never the less, it comes across as funny, and better than just shooting it in the classroom like last years I think… It will take time to home my video editing skills, but gotta start from somewhere, right?!


I’ll include the video below. If you’re somebody who’s very familiar with Final Cut Pro x, then feel free to leave me some tips in the comments below! Thanks! I’ll be working on a new video to conclude the July Summer Camp shortly, be sure to nominate me for an oscar when it’s released!


So for me, onwards and upwards in August’s Summer Camp!




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