Prime Cubs English Storytime Videos

english learning videos to download

Well as promised, the release of high quality english learning videos are ready to download! After months of work, your children can now reap the benefits by learning from them.


Do you want your child to learn and develop their english language skills?

Do you want them to learn how to read and enhance their current reading skills to a higher level?


Do you want them to listen and engage with a native english speaker? Do you want them to learn english while having fun?


Then if yes, with Prime Cubs Storytime your child can! We can together! Our videos features the Oxford Reading Tree collection - one of the world’s foremost brands when it comes to developing literacy skills in young children. It’s used in 80% of all UK primary schools. Each book covers a different topic and provides new words, phrases and concepts for your child to learn and enjoy. If combined with the hundreds of activity sheets available, your child really will make strides in their listening, reading, speaking and writing english skills. 


Our videos range from level 1 (just beginning to read) to level 6 (being able to read confidently).


English is becoming an ever more important language to learn in today’s world, so if english is your child’s second language, be sure to develop it as quickly as possible to give them a best possible start in life!


During your child's learning I encourage you to reach out to me and let me know how your child is getting on. Ideally, have your child write to me directly, and practice their writing skills! Let me be your child’s personal english teacher today and I hope to hear from your child very soon!



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