Developing Speech, Language & Communication

Young children can sometimes say the funniest of things at times. For example my 2 yr old daughter, when we go to the park, there are these interesting looking speakers dotted around everywhere playing cheesy music, anyway, as soon as she hears them, she runs over to each and everyone and says “BEAKER BEAKER!” I try my best to model the ’S’ sound that should be at the beginning of the word… but to no avail! She really does sound funny and cute when she says it though!

I’m sure there have been many cases similar to this with your own children at some point too!



What we do know, is that a young child’s speech, language and communication is rapidly developing and before you know it they can have little conversations with you. Although development comes along naturally in a healthy environment, there are ways to further increase the developmental rate.  I’ve created the infographic below to give you some extra ideas in bettering your child’s speech, language & communication development. Hope you find it useful.


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