5G - A call to action!


The trees are first to fall


I was on my way home from work the other day, and I noticed that a once lovely street full of trees, looked quite different. All the trees were in the process of being uprooted and sawn apart. The smell of cut trees filled the air, and the street no longer looked quite as pleasant. See the picture below:




So I wondered, what is going on here? Turns out that, this tree onslaught is going on all around Shanghai, and across other major cities in the world. Any guesses to why? Well some of you may be aware, as it has started to get some publicity…

5G deployment 


The reason being is to make way for small cell 5G installations. The telecom industry has switched from primarily installing large, macro cell towers to deploying significantly more “small cell” towers (5G). Most of you have probably heard of 5G by now (I gave it a mention in a previous post here). You see, 5G frequencies are not very efficient at going through objects, such as trees and so, must be removed before they can be employed. 



The industry/government wants wireless everywhere with “small cell” towers every couple hundred feet apart!  That means cell towers in our neighbourhoods, near schools and parks, where we live, work and play. The industry vision for 5G is to enable the Internet of Things, Smart Communities, driverless cars (and more), where roads and appliances (even baby diapers!) are embedded with wireless radiation transmitters that connect to cell phones, smart meters and the internet.


Weapon of mass destruction 


5G is a weapon used by the military, and they have been using it for nefarious purposes for a long time, some prime examples are in crowd control devices and ray guns. 


So why is it being deployed in our cities? Is it part of the depopulation plan? All the scientific evidence shows it is harmful to biological life. What the heck is going on? Has greed or money and information harvesting blinded governments? Or are governments consciously and knowingly trying to destroy us? Either way, it isn’t advisable to sit idly by…



 Ignorance is not bliss


When you ask people about 5G, chances are they say:


  • I don't know what it does
  • I don’t care about it
  • What are the benefits to it?
  • It is dangerous!


Your tax money hard at work


So, who pays for the deployment of 5G? You and me! The taxpayers! Paying our way to our doom… Couldn’t that money be better spent elsewhere, such as something that isn’t going to slowly kill all life?


Fortunately, it is unlikely to be everywhere. It will be mainly deployed in the urban areas (i.e., areas that are most concentrated with human life). So we know where to go/not to go.


The research is out and conclusive 


Did you know that there are over 28,000 peer reviewed studies that have been published on how and why 5G is dangerous? I’m sure you didn’t, because I certainly didn’t realise how many studies have been carried out. If you were to tune in to MSN (mainstream news), you wouldn’t get that message.


A 5G base station is on average 19 times more powerful than an existing 3G/4G base station - that means they pump out significantly higher doses of EMF and radiation. Dangerous to you, and even more dangerous to your children, as their bodies are much more susceptible to cellular damage.


What will happen to you and your children?


So what are the symptoms of 5G radiation? Well, here you are: 


  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • sleep problems
  • anxiety
  • ringing in the ears
  • heart problems
  • learning and memory disorders
  • increased cancer risk
  • increased risk children will be born with autism 
  • and more…


All living creatures will feel its affects


Studies found wireless radiation harms trees, birds, bees and insects as well. In fact, 5G is a 100 times more damaging to insects, because they absorb more radiation at these frequency ranges. So, if the bees die out, who pollinates our food? So we all go down together, right?!


A country that is malign and deceptive 


Perhaps not, as certain peoples (such as those in Israel) won’t be installing 5G. Considering that Israel has helped with the development of 5G, why won’t they deploy it in their own country?



Here in Shanghai


Unfortunately, Shanghai, Jiading will be the ‘leader’ in 5G deployment in China. The reason being, is that Anting in Jiading is the epicentre of car manufacturing, and they are leading the way in driver-less cars, and so they believe that 5G will help them in their advancement. This is why we can begin to see the trees along the roads disappearing at an accelerated pace…



The environmental problem is severe, but not as severe as the harm they will cause everybody. Especially to children.


I’ve written before about the importance of your children’s health, and this is another example of something that will impact their health. You want your children to learn, develop and be healthy, but if 5G is around them, then this is thrown into doubt….



Technology advancement should never come at the expense of your own health.


What to do?


What can you do about it? Share this information with everybody you know, and bring your communities together and say NO to 5G deployment!



More reading on this topic can be found at the following websites:



The Chinese translation can be found here:

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    Wang (Saturday, 18 May 2019 03:40)

    5G does indeed look dangerous, i'll be letting me friends and family know about this...