Another Source of Income For Your Family?

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For many families, 2020 was a financial struggle. Unfortunately, 2021 won't be much better. That being said, there are opportunities still out there that can benefit your family financially. 




Many of you have heard of 'cypto-currency', in particular Bitcoin. Those of you that have followed it closely, have noticed that it has skyrocketed recently, and therefore its value has increased substantially. See the chart below:



bitcoin chart

Going Strong


Those who bought bitcoin before the price leap, have made some nice gains. Cashing out now would provide a tidy profit, but it looks like bitcoin will be climbing ever higher. JPMorgan predicts '$146K' Bitcoin'...


With more businesses accepting bitcoin (and other types of cryptocurrency) as payment methods, it is becoming ever more mainstream. Can Cubs has always said we would accept bitcoin as payment from its inception (although nobody actually did yet). See an example of some of the bigger companies that accept bitcoin in the graphic below:

companies using bitcoin


Buying Bitcoin


Some people prefer to trade Bitcoin (buying and selling quickly when the prices increases/decreases) to make an income. For many though, those who buy Bitcoin, they see it as a long-term investment (like myself). There is speculation that it could even become a world currency of sort. In either case, if you have some money stuffed under your mattress, then putting it to work in bitcoin may be a better alternative for you and your family. It goes without saying though that the prices can go down as well as up, so only buy what you can afford to lose! 


For those who want a reliable & safe place to buy/sell Bitcoins, (and doing so without paying an arm and a leg in fees), then you can do so in this link


Diversifying your income has never been so important in these times, so when you see the projection of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, it's always worth doing some research!


Disclaimer: Always consult a professional before making investments.

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