09. July 2019
Glasses galore! Why do so many Chinese have poor eyesight? China is a great country if your business is centred around glasses sales though...
12. June 2019
Hold off on slapping your favourite sunscreen on your child for a second, and read this article...

23. May 2019
Giving your child pocket money can be a great way to teach them about money and responsibilities and instil a positive work ethic. There are many ways your child can 'earn' their money, so let's take a look..
15. May 2019
We are beginning to see the mass deployment of 5G bases and towers, and also the affects on life it is having. Action must be taken!

27. April 2019
EMF and radiation pose a significant risk to all of us, but especially children. Here we look at the biggest culprits and see what you can do to mitigate the risks. 5G also gets a dishonourable mention...
22. March 2019
Being aware and taking action of any problems your child may have early on, can potentially alleviate more serious problems in the future. Early intervention is crucial..

08. March 2019
Children who come to Can Cubs get a big boost in their English language, speech & communication skills. But, there are other things you can be doing to help them. Let's take a look at what those things are...
24. February 2019
This post was was inspired (not in a positive way) by an event I witnessed outside Can Cubs. Here we look at the effects violence has on a child, how other forms of discipline work better and better to understand the emotional well-being of a child...

13. February 2019
Here we explore the top 15 things that impact you and your child's health. I also provide you a presentation on heathy eating, with a breakdown for children's applicable ages...
17. January 2019
After months of work, they are finally ready to help your child make considerable strides in their english learning! | Downloadable English Learning Videos |

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