5 Tips to Encourage Children to Read
Children naturally love to explore the content of books, but there's always something you can do to enhance their learning...
10 Ways to Help Your Preschoolers Get Schoolwork Done on Their Own
We all know that homework is a parenting minefield — do they get too tired? Are they hungry? Are they distracted by the people around them or the television? You have to find a balance between pushing them and letting them go.

How to Teach Mindfulness to Kids & Teens?
You may have heard the term 'mindfulness' before, but have you considered how it can be applied to your children? Let's take a look..
Another Source of Income For Your Family?
Last year money was tight for many of you, this year may not be much different unfortunately. Is there another way of securing wealth for your family? Let's take a look...

Our societies are changing, and not in a good way. Is it time to take your family out to a safe haven? Here I show you why it may be a good idea to do so...
There was a study conducted back in 2008 titled 'Preliminary report on surgical mask induced deoxygenation during major surgery' in Başkent University. Faculty of Health Sciences. Department of Nursing and Health Services. Ankara, Turkey

A book has recently been published which explains why in the time of 'coronavirus' fewer children are dying compared to before the 'coronavirus'. Can you guess why...?
We all look back at our childhood sometimes and ponder at the choices our parents made. Unfortunately, sometimes these choices can have a significant impact on a child's overall development. Lets see what I found in my own childhood...

We're living in difficult times, so some freebies will hopefully lift your spirits a little! Here you can download some great films and see where else you can get media.
5G isn't only bad for your health, it's bad for your privacy as well. Here we look at ways to better protect your family's privacy.

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