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08. March 2019
Children who come to Can Cubs get a big boost in their English language, speech & communication skills. But, there are other things you can be doing to help them. Let's take a look at what those things are...
27. August 2018
You may already know that many kindergartens are now testing children before they can be admitted. So how to prepare?

24. August 2018
Here is a vlog post of a summary of our Little Cubs English Goals.
09. August 2018
Are you a parent and guilty of this? Well if not, I'm sure you know who is. This post was put together because of an incident at Can Cubs recently. A mountain was made from a mole-hill....

30. December 2017
Another year is just about come to a close, so let's do a quick review of 2017!
24. December 2017
Merry Christmas from Can Cubs!

18. October 2017
Planting the seeds and then cultivating the harvest...
16. October 2017
A question that many teachers ask themselves...