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Our societies are changing, and not in a good way. Is it time to take your family out to a safe haven? Here I show you why it may be a good idea to do so...
There was a study conducted back in 2008 titled 'Preliminary report on surgical mask induced deoxygenation during major surgery' in Başkent University. Faculty of Health Sciences. Department of Nursing and Health Services. Ankara, Turkey

A book has recently been published which explains why in the time of 'coronavirus' fewer children are dying compared to before the 'coronavirus'. Can you guess why...?
We're living in difficult times, so some freebies will hopefully lift your spirits a little! Here you can download some great films and see where else you can get media.

If you've self-quarantined yourself these days, then you (and your children) may be starting to feel a little bored...
We are beginning to see the mass deployment of 5G bases and towers, and also the effects on life it is having. Action must be taken! A 5G news timeline is included in this post.