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busy man doing many things at once

Teacher Matt is busy. Perhaps an understatement of the year. Assiduous is a better word. ‘Teacher Matt’ is one title of many, the others include: director, teacher trainer, graphic designer, video designer, marketing executive, web developer, author, session planner, photographer, blogger and of course father! Last time I checked there’s only 7 days in a week….



In an ideal world I’d have a person doing each of those jobs, and believe me I could keep them busy, but that would be rather costly, and as a small business enterprise it just isn’t possible as yet. 


With growth of a business comes job creation. Do you know that private businesses in China (and most likely worldwide, i.e. non-state owned) employs most people in society? A quote from theconversation website:


‘The fact is, massive privatisation has been ongoing in China since the 1980s, involving millions of business enterprises. Currently around 70% of Chinese industrial output is now produced by non-state controlled business firms, and over 80% of the industrial workforce in China is now employed in the private sector. Private enterprises have been the growth engine of the Chinese economy, providing 95% of the growth of the urban workforce in the past three decades, and many now compete with state-owned conglomerates for brand recognition and size. Inevitably, private firms have started expanding overseas to find new markets and diversify their investments.’


So businesses that you see around you day to day (such as Can Cubs) is vital not only for the economy, but providing people jobs. I’m sure if you are a business owner, or employed by a private company you already know this, right?


One of the reasons the employment rate is low in China (around 4.1%) is because of business taxes are low. This allows businesses to recruit more people and get more people in to the workforce - compare this to a high taxed country and you'll see high unemployment figures!


Entrepreneurial spirit is clearly visible here, and it’s thanks to those individuals that China is developing at a faster rate than most other countries in the world. 


If you think you are entrepreneurial and can see the potential of Can Cubs in some way (with delayed gratification in mind) get in touch!



So if next time you see me out and about, excuse me if I seem in a rush to get off - I’ve got 10 jobs to get on with!

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