Corona Shut Down - Use This Free Time Wisely!


If you're living in a place that is affected by the "coronavirus", you've likely shut yourself at home. If you have children, then they'll be shut inside with you. By this point your children are going to be getting pretty bored stuck at home for most of the day. Depending on where you live, you could still take them out to play and get some exercise and fresh air, providing you take the necessary precautions. 


These days at home can still be used productively though. If you don't have children, use the time to do a bit of self-education. There's plenty of online courses you could do and books to read for free out there. If you have children, spent some quality time together. It isn't every day you get this kind of opportunity! You can use this time to educate and bond with them. Read books, play, make some crafts together, do the housework together etc!


I'm sure that many of you have had deep discussions with friends and family members about the "coronavirus" and indeed the bigger picture of what is really going on. There is a lot to research, that's for sure, but don't let it absorb all your precious free time! Once you've got the essential information on it and the regular updates, try and make the most of your days. There are upsides to this! As I've recently had a new addition to the family, I'm using this time as my 'paternity leave'!


Although I'm keeping busy with the children these days, I do have some availability if any of your children need some online English tutoring. Get in touch here if so.


Stay safe out there, and we all pray things will be back to normal within the next few weeks.


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