Time For A New Chapter In Your Family's Life?


As we are approaching the end of 2020, many of us will be glad to see it gone. It's been an incredibly challenging time for everybody. For Can Cubs we remained shut for a good deal of the year which was of course a loss for both ourselves and our members. Although we faced many hurdles this year, my sympathies especially lie with the children and the elderly. Reason being, the young and the very old, lack the capabilities to discover the realities of this world and what's unfolding around them. The developmental impacts regarding children across the world has been severe this year, to say the least. The psychological trauma associated with what's been going on may take years to become noticed by parents and doctors. Perhaps only the children who have informed parents and have been homeschooled are the unaffected ones. Time will tell.

The year hasn't all been bad though, for many people their eyes have been opened to certain truths in this world. These truths (which they wouldn't have come across perhaps without the covid situation) have allowed them to react and plan a safer, healthier and indeed, better future for themselves and their families. Many families have got out of 'dodge city' (my family included) and have entered a new chapter in their lives. 


2020 A Year of Confusion For Many


For those people who still remain confused to the events unfolding around the world, remember that vast swathes of information is at your fingertips - should you choose to investigate, you can easily do so. The ability to discern truth from friction is a real challenge for most of us though. It takes persistence, reliable channels, intelligence and the ability to think critically. Doing so though, can be profoundly life-changing. 

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Starting A New Chapter


'Leave the cities' has been the talking point of many families this year. Returning back to nature and living a healthier, simpler, spiritual & less-materialistic way of life is something to perhaps strive for, if you aren't doing so already of course! The countryside offers a real escape from many of societies problems, including the meddling of over-authoritarian entities. Other benefits of country living include:


- Lower upfront costs for a more luxurious home

- Reduced cost of living

- Space to live and enhance wellbeing

- A stronger sense of local community

- A more relaxed pace of life

- Being more self-sustainable 


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Society Is At Breaking Point


The 'problems' in our societies have been on full display this year, the cracks are showing - misinformation, protests, economic shut down, human rights abuses, unemployment and other various crises. These are the signs to heed and take note. To naively think that societies will recover and improve from next year, may set yourself up for disappointment.


As our governments swell in size and capabilities, our freedoms and rights diminish proportionally to that swelling. Some people don't mind an overbearing government though, as it offers a sense of protection and stability, but governments are made up of regular people and they therefore make mistakes like the rest of us. They are as susceptible to being misinformed, just like the rest of us. The difference though, is that individually we admit and apologise for our mistakes, governments don't tend to do that. The line is drawn though when children become victims in their 'mistakes'. No thank you to vaccine injuries (to name one specific example of many).


You're Not Alone


Although existing in these times can seem like we are living in a 'clown world', it's important to remain vigilant to deception, remain positive and equally spread that positive energy to your loved ones and friends as much as possible. Children especially, should always have a visible smile on their faces. 


We all have choices, and it's up to you to make the best possible choice for yourself and your children. Your children rely on you, and if you get them out of harms way, they will surely show their gratitude to you when they look back on their own childhood as an adult. 


For those people looking for advice on what to do regarding this topic, you may message me directly in the form below and I'll get back to you.


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