You and your children's health are at risk!

If you’re a parent you’re most likely  looking out for your child’s safety. For example, you tell your child to hold your hand and cross the road when you see the green man. This is common sense, you do this to reduce risk and potential harm coming to your child. 


Why then, do so many parents not care about the harmful impacts of EMF (electromagnetic fields) and the various forms of radiation bombarding their child every second of the day? Ignorance? Apathy? Indifference? 


Anybody who researches the impacts of EMF and radiation on our bodies understands that it poses very real risks to our children and indeed ourselves. A previous blog post covering some of this topic can be found here. It includes a list of some of the scientific studies into this topic.



There is most likely a huge range of devices that are polluting your space as you read this. Some of the worst offenders include:


mobile phones (microwave radiation and EMF)

computers (microwave radiation and EMF)

WIFI routers (microwave radiation and EMF)

cellular towers (microwave radiation and EMF)

tablets/ipads (microwave radiation and EMF)

wireless printers (microwave radiation and EMF)

lights (EMF)

televisions (EMF)


Other things you may often use include:


microwave ovens (microwave radiation and EMF)

hairdryers (EMF)

washing machines (EMF)

baby monitors (microwave radiation and EMF)

electrical skin care products (EMF)


Your own list may include many more, but for me personally, these were the biggest culprits impacting me and my family’s life. So here are 10 quick solutions to improve you and your family's health:


EMF meter, trifield

What you can use to check



 It would be useful for you to get an EMF metre which allows you to test EMF and RF radiation. I bought one (the TRIFIELD EMF meter model TF2), and it allowed me to get a good understanding on what poses the biggest risks are around me. After knowing what they are, I’m then able to mitigate the risks. 



This is what I did (and I recommend you do the same):

wired home, ethernet, wifi-free

1) Get wired!


Switch from a wireless household to a wired one. Switch off the wireless function in your router (can be founder in your router's homepage) and mobile devices and use good old ethernet cables. Your internet speed will be much faster and your home won’t be filled with harmful microwave radiation. Also persuade your workplace to go wired as well. You can get adapters for all your devices easily.


speaker phone

2) Keep it away from your body


Use the speaker phone function when talking on a phone, avoid putting it near your head. Most phones even say this in your settings page, keep it away by at least 5mm. 


EMF defender, laptop cover

3) Use an EMF cover for your laptop


Don’t put your laptop computer on your lap when working. If you need to, you can get some protection like using a EMF defender cover, like this one:


microwave oven, radiation

4) Bin the microwave oven


Throw away your microwave oven. Many of them leak significant levels of radiation, mine did. I was pretty shocked by the number I got on my metre. 


hairdryer, bad, emf

5) Towel dry!


Stop using a hairdryer to dry your hair. You’ll be shocked at the EMF level on your metre when you turn your hairdryer on. It most likely kills a large number of brain neurones each time you dry your hair...


cell phone towers, radio towers, radio masts, radiation

6) Move away


Stay away from cellular towers. The cancer risk posed by them is significant. Ideally at least 1km away at all times. If you live close to one, consider moving. 


lights, emf

7) Sunlight is best


Check your lights are good quality and aren’t leaking large amounts of EMF. Don't stay too near to lights, and make use of natural sunlight as much as possible...or even the moonlight!


unplug electrical devices

8) Save power and save your health


Unplug all electrical devices at night and turn off all devices. Even if a device is 'off', in most cases it will still be polluting your space. This is because many devices rely on digital on/off switches rather than mechanical ones.

shungite, pyramid, emf absorber

9) The Stone of Life


Order some shungite and place it around your home, and wear it as jewellery. It is a truly magical stone that is sourced from Russia. It will help absorb EMF and radiation and provide numerous other health benefits to you and your family. It is a fantastic water purifier. I have shungite pyramids in front of my computer, I wear a shungite pendent and I have a piece of shungite stuck to the back of my phone. It’s brilliant stuff.


5G unhealthy, dangers of 5G, 5G petition

10) 5G a danger to humanity


Petition against 5G in your community. Studies into the affects of 5G and animals are startling. No sane person wants to be anywhere near 5G towers or devices. Watch the video below on the dangers of 5G.



Now you know


If you follow the above the recommendations, the impacts will be lesser to you and your family's health, but won’t be completely nullified. Indeed, when you go into a public space every man and his dog has a wireless device potentially infringing on you and your family’s health. The only solution to eliminate the risks completely would be to live off-grid and away from civilisation! Unfortunately for most people, this isn’t possible…



I hope that you take action on what you have read here, and do further research yourself into the topic and also share this with your friends and family (if you care about them that is)! It’s all about reducing your exposure. So here is to you and your family’s health and living cancer free. Remember, good health is the most important thing of all!


Dangers of 5G video

Wireless wake-up call video

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