why can cubs?

Little Cubs sessions structure

  • These are structured physical play and early English learning activities.  We provide three session types:  Babies (6 months - to walking age) 2-3yrs and 3-5yrs.
  • Our sessions are structured so that your child's agility, balance, co-ordination and English language ability is challenged through physical tasks, rhymes, stories and songs.
  • Every session begins in the 'Can Cubs Circle' . This is our time to communicate in English!
  • The hall is arranged into a 'circuit' with a variety of different stations, each with a challenge and a 'movement' for the children to accomplish.  The circuit changes fortnightly.
  • The physical tasks will allow your child's muscles to grow stronger and their levels of fitness will improve as they continue with Can Cubs.
  • Not only will their bodies become stronger but their brains will be strengthened which will lay down strong foundations for reading and writing when they go on to school.
  • The children throughout the session are encouraged to interact with each other. After the session has finished, they can share their experiences with one another. They are rewarded by the their teacher for their hard work!
  • In time, your child's confidence, creativity, English ability and social skills will grow with the successful completion of the tasks set in each session.

Did you know that children are most receptive to learning a second language from birth to 4 years old?

PRIME Cubs session structure

PRIME Cubs lessons are designed to enhance and develop the key English skills required for school and everyday life. Content used covers a wide variety of topics that will overlap topics chosen at school and others which will provide something unique and interesting. Content derives from British published materials and materials the teacher constructs. Delivery of lessons come from a mixture of Books, Keynote presentations and handouts.