Little Cubs Sessions

Babies-walking sessions

Children can explore a wide variety of movement experience through free play. With the help from their parents, they make their first attempt at rolling, climbing and jumping. Very basic English sounds, letters and words is incorporated into the play.

The children are encouraged to climb, jump, and roll while learning how to control movements more precisely.The equipment is designed to improve motor skills in areas of agility, balance, climbing and coordination. Encouragement by the parents and the teacher to be more independent by teaching/aiding children to climb safely. They can explore freely and experiment with the equipment and the resources available.

Songs are chosen specifically to encourage participation and build interest in words which will build the foundations in their English learning. Children should be encouraged to share and take turns, which promotes social skills and a happier environment.

Sensory learning, through toys, materials and other realia is an important part in this session.


Little Cubs baby session content chart

2-3 years sessions

Still with parent participation, children in this age group now start learning to listen to simple instructions . These sessions will develop a range of movement skills and have rapidly developed physical, social and language skills. They are encouraged to watch and listen carefully so that they can copy and revise the English content and the

Movements introduced into the session.


The Stations in the circuit are designed to improve coordination of hand-eye-foot control, balance, climbing and all round agility. The incorporation of tasks relating to the English content and Movements is added into the circuit. Equipment can be adjusted to provide more demanding physical tasks to increase confidence and self-esteem.


Little Cubs 2-3yrs session content chart

3-5 years sessions

Sessions now focus on even more challenging task sequences with the use of higher pieces of equipment and greater range of words and sentences. As the more confident child now participates on his/her own, tasks are designed to further develop a child's co-ordination, ball skills, body awareness and control. Children are now able to learn from past experiences.


They will enjoy more in interacting with other children, particularly through competition. They will be more willing to take responsibilities and may appear more confident and self-assured. They can continue to develop their motor skills and confidence without parental support.


The teacher can provide more technical sequences/challenges in the activities chosen. Stories, songs, and rhymes can include more content also. As well as testing their own individual skills, importance is placed on co-operation, and is taught how to respect and help others. Creativity is stimulated as they recall and join in with action songs, stories and other exciting activities.


Little Cubs 3-5yrs session content chart

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