PRIME Cubs Lessons

Our PRIME Cubs courses are the perfect choice for children aged 6-12.  It is action packed with lessons and educational activities ensuring that students are constantly learning and surrounded by English with a Native English speaker. Every lesson they will practice and develop:

Speaking skills

  1. Effective Speaking.
  2. Conversational Skills.
  3. Non-Verbal Communication.
  4. Body Language.
  5. Barriers to Effective Communication.

Reading skills


1. Reading to learn the language.

2. Reading for content information.

3. Reading for cultural knowledge and awareness.

Writing skills


  1. Grammar.
  2. Spelling.
  3. Punctuation.
  4. When to Use Capital Letters.
  5. Using Plain English.
  6. Know Your Audience.

Listening skills


 1. Focusing on message.

2. Comprehending and interpreting.

3. Analysing and evaluating.

4. Remembering.

Our class sizes are kept small, so more time can be focused on your child's development.