PRIME Cubs Lessons


In our PRIME Cubs classes your child will learn and develop their English language skills. Every class they will practice their speaking, reading, writing & listening skills with a native British teacher. Books and resources are provided by us. We separate the classes into 3 levels. 


Level 1 = Just beginning to learn English, but knows the alphabet, numbers, greetings and a handful of simple words.


Level 2 = Has been learning English for a while, can have some conversations, can read simple books and knows more than 500 words.


Level 3 = Has a very good grasp of English, can speak well in many different circumstances, can read more wordy books and engage in a variety of different exercises well.


Speaking skills


Effective Speaking

Conversational Skills

Non-Verbal Communication

Body Language

Barriers to Effective Communication


Reading skills


Reading to learn the language

Reading for content information

Reading for cultural knowledge and awareness


Writing skills





When to Use Capital Letters

Using Plain English

Knowing Your Audience


Listening skills


Focusing on the message

Comprehending and interpreting

Analysing and evaluating




For children who need more support, or for higher level children, 1-1 tuition is also available. 


english learning chart

Prime Cubs - Level one books