Can Face-Masks Pose a Health & Safety Risk?


I can probably bet that you, and possibly your children as well, have worn a face-mask recently. I'm sure you have been given justification for you to wear it by the authorities, but did they tell you the potential health risk they pose?



There was a study conducted back in 2008 titled 'Preliminary report on surgical mask induced deoxygenation during major surgery' in Başkent University. Faculty of Health Sciences. Department of Nursing and Health Services. Ankara, Turkey. It outlined the risks of wearing a face-mask/surgical mask or indeed any other face covering. Essentially, what the study outlined was that surgical masks reduce oxygen intake, thereby reducing the amount of available oxygen in the blood (hypoxemia). Carbon Dioxide was inhaled at a greater rate as well. These effects can cause permanent brain damage. 


You can download the full study by clicking the red button below:

Surgical Mask Study.pdf
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There have been other studies showing harmful microorganisms breeding on the inside of the mask due to the moisture from your breath and other pleasing conditions for microbes to thrive in. These microbes (some of them potentially harmful) are then inhaled back into your body, thereby increasing the chances of making you sick. 


On top of the health risks associated with wearing masks, they also promote conformity, herd mentality, social distancing and act as a powerful symbol to the elite - gagging the masses. 


Remember, you and your family's health should always prevail! You wouldn't wear a face-mask to protect yourself from the common cold, so why would you wear one now?


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