How to Teach Mindfulness to Kids & Teens?

Children are distracted with so many things In this modern digital world. Advertisers are trying to get their attention to sell products. Social media is making them so confused. How can they focus on studies or what they want to achieve in life?


Mindfulness has been recognised as one of the best options for kids and teens to stay focused, eliminate negative thoughts and become a successful person.


What is mindfulness?


In a nutshell, mindfulness is living in the present moment. Which means children are aware of what’s happening inside their mind and outside, around them. This helps them to take control of their lives.


It is important not to get confused or mixed-up mindfulness with other type of meditations. Majority of other meditations are trying to focus on one thing at a time and trying to stop or not to pay attention on other thoughts. Mindfulness is different. Mindfulness is a “watcher” of any thought coming to your mind.


Practical mindfulness exercises for kids and teens


The best way to teach mindfulness to children is through what they love. Mindfulness meditation for kids is a good place to teach mindfulness meditation exercises for children through active games. These games are designed to build the foundation of mindfulness in children’s mind.


It is a different ballgame with teens. They are in a transition period physically and mentally. We need to apply different strategies to get teens to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness activities for teens is a good place to start. There are good activities based mindfulness training on that webpage. 


Benefits of mindfulness for children


Many studies have been conducted on impact of mindfulness practice, especially on children. These studies have found following benefits:


- Reduce stress, especially stress due to education and examinations.

- Reduce negative thinking.

- Increase self-esteem and self-image.

- Increase focus.

- Increase confidence level.

- Better grades and scores in examinations.


Mindfulness based education


Though the benefits have been identified beyond doubt, unfortunately mindfulness-based education is not yet popular in the education sector. This is mainly due to lack of knowledge among the teaching community around the world. Some countries are better compared to others.


Responsible authorities in the education sector must work on how to bring mindfulness into the education system. This will be a revolution in how we educate children. 

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