China's Myopia Endemic

chinese children wearing glasses

Glasses galore!


One of the first things I noticed when I came to China, was how many people here seemed to wear glasses. Go to just about any public place, and I guarantee you, that over 50% of the people around you are wearing glasses or contact lenses. That includes both adults and children, and it really is sad to see so many children wearing them.


So what’s going on? Why do so many adults and children alike wear glasses?


The answer to this question became more apparent after I had been working in schools here in China. Children here, have long days (much longer than in the West) and they don’t get enough break times, as to relax their eyes and get some vital sunshine in order for them to develop properly. When they do get break times, quite often the teacher will keep them in their classroom to do ‘homework’ or other mundane activities instead of going outside and getting some fresh air and sunshine.


The classroom lights in many of these schools are often not switched on (“to save electric”) and throughout the day the children are straining their eyes reading from books and from the blackboard. 



The climate here is often overcast, and clear blue skies with the sun shining can be a rarity (thanks to chemtrails…) So, even if children do go outside on their breaks, often the quality of the sunshine isn’t sufficient for them.


child with too much homework

The causes


It is then clear, that China’s eyesight problem has stemmed from schools. When children’s eyes deteriorate, glasses are often the answer provided by teachers & parents. To summarise, the problems with the myopia endemic are as follows:


  • long school days
  • not enough break times
  • not enough time spent out in the sunshine
  • long periods of eye stain, i.e from reading
  • poorly lit classrooms
  • lack of education/awareness from government, teachers and parents
  • eagerness for opticians to make a quick sale in prescribing glasses
  • poor diet (lack of leafy vegetables, eggs, oily fish & nuts in daily diet)


When children go home, they often spend time doing more homework (eye straining) or watch screens (which dries the eyes out), therefore children are damaging their eyes throughout the day.  It’s no wonder then, that 90% of children will end up wearing glasses after finishing high school.



pinhole glasses

Restoring good vision 


Myopia and poor eyesight could be reversed in a natural and cost efficient way. Just like any part of the body can heal your eyes can heal as well. Although many people don’t know this. Have you heard of ‘Pinhole Glasses’? I bet you haven’t! 


As you can see from the picture, pinhole glasses are essentially a normal pair of glasses with lots of small holes in them. The idea, is that they provide an ‘eye workout’, which makes your eye muscles stronger and more developed. If you have poor eyesight or if your children are showing signs of poor eyesight, I highly recommend that you give these a go. An hour per day over a few weeks should show noticeable differences. They are dirt cheap, so you haven’t nothing to lose really!



Remember, look after your eyes!




Two interesting videos on this topic can be seen below.

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