New Home, New Dangers?

new home

A new home - new dangers?


Me and my family have recently moved house, as you can see from the photo (I wish!) When you’re moving home with a little one it’s always best to be diligent to potential risks you may encounter. You may know that young children love to climb, jump and run around in general and don’t stop moving! 


Most people deal with the obvious physical risks (such as sharp corners on furniture etc) pretty quick when they move in. In our case, an upstairs balcony had gaps big enough for a small child to fit through, so to deal with that, we put some strong netting (looks a bit like a football net, to plug in the gaps). Therefore the risk of falling through is now nil. 



What a lot of people don’t realise about is the more ‘invisible risks’ around the home which can also be equally harmful to children and indeed the whole family. So, in this blog I’ll list the ones I’m aware of and hopefully you can take note.


dirty electric

‘Dirty Electricity’



You may now already know that EMF pollution is a real cause for concern with serious research outlining the health impacts on us. If a home has been wired poorly (i.e shoddy electrical work) or poor quality wiring or fittings, then chances are your home may have this problem. Use an EMF Metre to go around your home and check electrical sockets, the walls (where the wiring is) and other electrical fitted installations. Sockets that are not in use, consider plugging them up so a child can’t stick their fingers in.


wifi dangers

WIFI radiation 


I made my home WIFI free a long time ago, we now only use wired internet connections - it is safer physically & no chance of being hacked from outside parties. The problem is however, is if you are living in close proximity to others, such as your neighbours, their WIFI signals may be seeping into your space. 



Now this is a real problem I’m having to contend with at the moment, as in reality the only thing you can do is try to make them aware of the dangers associated around WIFI signals and hope they switch it off and use wired connections as well. Unfortunately, not everybody is understanding and intelligent. There is another possibility however. More and more products are becoming available that assist with this problem. One good example is buying a special ‘EMF & RF” blocking paint and then paint the inside of your rooms with it. This can be a little pricey, but if you have the money and your own home it is definitely recommended - especially with the deployment of the deadly 5G go up all around us. More details on this topic can be found here.






If there is damp in certain areas of your home, you should quickly put a stop to it. Use a good old mould removal spray, air the room out properly and seal any potential leakages. Mould spores can have serious affects on your health. 


harmful chemicals

Harmful chemicals



If you’ve moved into a new home that has recently been decorated, i.e. painted, then the paints may still be giving off harmful odours. Ensure that newly painted areas are ventilated properly before moving in. Many chemicals found in paints and varnishing are carcinogenic (cancer-causing). You can buy an air-quality testing device to check your air quality. Other chemicals (which should go without saying) are found in cleaning products, so be sure to keep those out of reach!


stair gate

Stairs & windows/balconies 



If your home is not a ground floor home, then be sure to check that a child can’t climb out of the windows or balconies. If you have a staircase, get a stair guard, we did and it provides some peace of mind when you can’t always watch your child.



Big furniture 



Check that any furniture that you may have can’t fall over, think of cupboards, shelving units etc. Make sure they are attached to the walls or are very stable - your child may try to climb it! As for drawers, think of putting locks on them so they can’t be opened.


Strangling hazards

Strangling hazards



Look out for any dangling chords, ropes, loose wiring etc, that could be a strangling hazard.


Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors



Having one of these fitted is necessary in giving you an early warning if there is a fire, or if the fire is carbon monoxide leakage, which you may not be able to detect if you didn’t have a detector installed. 

tap water




It could be worth checking the quality of your tap water. Tap water can vary from place to place. Some countries fluoridate the water (more about the dangers of fluoride can be seen in this post), some contains excessive amounts of chlorine, some high concentration of minerals or heavy metals. A water testing kit can give you an idea. Always use a water filter regardless though. 



Other House Rules 


In my home, some others rules we have to reduce dangers are:



  • no microwaves (they emit huge amounts of radiation up to 10 metres away from it)
  • no hairdryers (extremely high levels of EMF when used, thus bad for the brain)
  • no latex balloons (choking hazard)
  • no cheap plastic toys (cheap plastic toys often contains harmful toxins and chemicals)
  • limiting use of screen time/electrical usage 
  • quality & natural food and drink

5G - End Times?



Although we are able to make our home as safe and healthy as possible for our family, unfortunately when we go outdoors we are affected by others, in particular government decisions. Safe and child friendly areas that once were, such as parks, are now becoming no-go areas in my area due to the deployment of 5G. In my local park, this is what I stumbled upon when I went for an evening stroll to my shock and horror:



If more people are aware of the dangers of 5G, then people will demand that their community is free from them, and safe and healthy places for us all can remain so for the foreseeable future. 


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