Super Reading Tips!

My child has very recently just started to be able to read a few words in some of her favourite stories, considering she is just under 2 years old I feel she deserves a pat on the back (or a round of applause, something which always brings a big grin to her cheeky chops)! Can never go wrong with some dramatic praise, right?!


Her premature ability isn’t by chance. I’ve been reading to her from day one and at least a few times a day every day. She’s worked out that the writing in the pages are the things you need to say.


As we read together she always points and shouts out everything in the pictures that she already knows. At the moment, she seems to have an obsession with colours! Anything she doesn’t know and she’ll often point at it expectantly waiting for the correct word. Another of a current obsession of her is is with the letter ‘o’ - no idea why!


If you have a child at similar age to my own, and they haven’t read a word yet, don’t fret! Every child is different, and they learn at different paces. 



However there are a few things that you should consider to increase the chances of your child reading from an early age. I’ve put together an infographic below to show you how! So take a look and get your little one off to a flying literacy start!

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