What to know with road safety.

road safety for children

Can Cubs is situated near a main road, just like many businesses are. Although, most businesses wouldn’t think too much about a road impacting their business in anyway though. As a business that attracts children we of course do can see the potential dangers here...


Fortunately, we have a sheltered area directly outside the centre, then a walking space and then the road, so at least there is a good 20 metres of space between us and the main road. 


Directly opposite us, down a small lane, is a kindergarten, so many children cross this road on a daily basis. There is a zebra crossing, but motorists don’t seem to take any notice of it. What’s needed is a pelican crossing; that is something pedestrians can press and traffic lights would change to red to force them to stop and let them cross safely.


As our reception faces the road myself and my staff are able to witness many surprising behaviours shown by motorists and pedestrians the like when people (even children) are trying to cross the road. I regularly witness young children crossing without holding a parent/guardian’s hand, motorists not slowing down when there are people on the road, not stopping when appropriate, trying to drive around children on the road and even speeding up! I've also witnessed two serious crashes in this area, fortunately nobody was seriously injured.


It’s unfortunate that the mentioned behaviours are not isolated cases. A quick research into traffic related fatalities in China shows it is extremely high. Statistics for 2015 show that their were 261,367 people killed in China related to the road. That's a big number, even for China's size... What's going on?!


The above figures should wake up motorists who are a danger on the road and make pedestrians think twice next time they are crossing the road, particularly if with children. An in depth study on this can be found here.



I’ve put together a list of what pedestrians should do to be safer and a list of what motorists should do in the following infographic. I've also made a short petition video of the location which will be sent to the relevant authorities in order to get a pelican crossing installed. Be sure to share it, and let's hope they take notice.

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